How do I sign Up for the Meli Cares Community Savings Program?

You would sign up through the designated Meli Cares representative at your place of employment.

When will I receive my Meli Cares Card after registering?

Connect with the designated Meli Cares representative at your place of employment.

Where is my Meli Cares card accepted?

Participating Community Champions for the Meli Cares Community Card can be found by visiting our Community Champion Page.

How do I receive my discount using the Meli Cares Card?

To apply your Meli Cares discount simply present your Meli Savings Card and employee I.D badge or card at the time of making your purchase, and the discount will be applied.

Who should I contact if a confirmed participating businesses refuses to honor the Meli Cares discount?

Go to the contact page and email us of the issue. Be sure to note the name of the business and the name of the staff member that denied the discount.

Is there a limit to the number of times that I can use the Meli Cares discount?

There is no limit.

Can the Meli Cares discount be applied with other promotional offers?

It is at the discretion of the Community Champion to apply the Meli Savings card along with other promotional offers. We recommend calling the business and inquiring about their policy.

Can my family and friends use the Meli Cares card for discounts?

Only registered card holders will be granted access to Meli Cares Savings card discounts.

Will my Meli Cares card apply to all locations in a chain?

You will have to check the sponsor page with that specific company to get further info about additional promotions.

Does my Meli Cares card ever expire?

While the card itself does not expire, offerings are subject to change.