Build the Community by becoming a Community Champion, you are not only supporting the men and women that protect, serve, and educate in our community. You are also supporting their families by helping their dollars go further.

Build Your Business
through the Meli Cares program, you’re not only showing social responsibility and care for the community;  you’re increasing the overall profitability of your business.

Help A Cause
and give back to those that selflessly give so much to us all. They are there when we need them, and it’s time for us to return the favor.

Reach out to Meli Cares. Once you contact us, the onboarding process will involve what your promotion and general message to the community will be. Once completed, our database of users will be notified that you are a participant of the Meli Cares program.

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Better Together

The community is better when we all work together.

Creating a better community
Helping a cause
Growing your business
Community Growth

The Credentialing Process

How We Validate:

01. E-mail

The Employer hosts a unique email address accessible only for employees.

02. Register

We provide a private link to you for them to register. (Employee submits name, password, confirm password, work email address)

03. Download App

Employee is prompted to download app and logs in to the app with the new credentials.

04. Link To Meli Cares

Employee goes to profile settings and selects “Link to Meli Cares”.

05. One-Time Use

They receive an automated email that has a one-time use code.

06. Code

The one-time code is entered to activate the digital card built in the app.

07. Card Activated

The Meli Cares Community Card is activated.

08. Help

The App will help them to locate promotions & get directions from Community Champion Businesses!

How We Work

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Connect with us if you are a business in the area and want to be a part of helping your community learn, grow and be safe.

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