Emergency Responders

Paramedics are the professionals we never hope to need, but we’re always grateful for their quick response times when our health and well-being are threatened. These fast-acting lifesavers work long hours, face a variety of medical emergencies, and do it all in the name of saving the lives of total strangers. When we are at our worst, they are our best chance for survival and recovery. Meli Cares is here to help these heroes save their funds as our thank you for all they do for us.

Police Officers

Our law enforcement officials on any given day face an insurmountable number of challenges and danger. No two calls are the same, and anything can happen once they arrive on the scene. They never fail to be there when we need them, and now we have the honor of being there for them through the Meli Cares program.


Our educators are molding the minds of future generations while acting as mentors and referees in the classroom. Teachers often spend more time educating our children than we do, so they clearly have a tremendous impact on the lives of our sons and daughters. In addition to investing patience and time into students, teachers are also investing their own personal funds to finance the supplies needed for students. Through the Meli Cares program, we can all show educators that the sacrifices they make are acknowledged and applauded.


Firefighters constantly run into harm’s way to save lives and protect the community, yet many of these bravehearts must seek overtime pay or a second job to provide for their families. Long shifts at the firehouse and mental and physical demand make these everyday heroes worthy of our respect, but even more worthy of our support. The Meli Cares program is here to do just that.